The Archetype


I'm starting a rather lengthy project and I'm calling it The Archetype.  To me the archetype means or stands for something like an entity that a person would call upon or ask for help. The ultimate example might be god.  Technically since we are god, our higher self or higher mind plays a role in each of these archetypical vibratory functions.  There are about 300,000 people on this planet who are archetypes. They are in a position of authority in the hierarchy of heaven on earth. They are set to represent the collective people on earth.

On the higher levels these Archetype organizations interact on the inter-universe levels, inter-galactic levels, solar system levels, planetary levels as well as inter-dimensional from the macro to the micro also.
Phoenix Journal 5 Page  36:  Let us speak a bit of the administering of this program. As Commander [Ashtar] for this solar system and its various volunteer units from many areas of space, it is my responsibility to coordinate efforts of the many fleets as they touch into the mission of Shan [earth]. When these various factions of force are not thus involved, then, of course, they are self- regulatory and guided under their own supervision. They only come under the jurisdiction of the Interplanetary Confederation if they are here on a specific assign- ment, correlated to the overall Hierarchical mission to the planet.
Dolores Cannon gives a good description of this in her book:
The Three Waves of Volunteers and the Ne - Dolores Cannon  Page 108
I AM CONSTANTLY encountering clients who are in contact with councils or are a part of a council when we do the sessions. I have found that there are many types of councils. There are councils over the solar system, over the galaxy, over the universe, etc. There are definite rules and regulations that help keep everything running in proper order. Nothing is left to chance. There are also councils on the spirit side that have other types of jobs taking care of the records of those living on Earth. All of these councils seem to have a great interest in the accumulation of knowledge and information. I am glad there is someone taking care of all these things, otherwise I believe there would be total chaos.
Page 200 C: So she can see that she’s a group soul. This is not just one being.She saw one aspect on one planet, but there is a group on many planets that she’s a part of.
D: The other being on what it called the “council.” (Yes) And she’s a part of that?
C: Yes, the council is all one being.
D: Why did you want her to know about this?
C: So she can see where the school really comes from. She has suspected that there is a group energy behind it. She knew that, but she didn’t want to think it was so big because she didn’t want to think of herself as “special.” In a way she didn’t want it to go to her head.

Dolores Cannon - Between Death And Life Page 153  "This is done by the councils who govern the universes. Each universe has a central council, and then there are local councils."
They are in physical space. The concept demands a very broad imagination to conceive of the distances involved. There are political - political not an accurate term but it is one which can be understood here. There are governments  of spiritual levels. In each universe there are governmental levels which govern the individual and collective universes.

Life and Teachings vol. 2 page 22
After the first excitement had abated somewhat, we were seated and he began, "As the body represents the lowest degree of thought activities, so the Spirit represents the highest thoughts of Divine Mind. As the body is the outer expression of the thought, so the Spirit is that in which the form takes its initial impulse direct from the Divine Mind. It is the immortal and real Self, in which reside all the potentialities of Divine Mind.***
Page 23 When man forms an alliance with God through spiritual understanding, the boundary line between God and man disappears. When this point is reached, man will know what Jesus meant when He said, `I and my Father are one.' "The tendency to personalize all things has degraded that which is called the Blessed Trinity into the impossible conception of three in one, when it can be best understood as the Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience of the Universal Mind, God. As long as men consider the Blessed Trinity as three persons in one and as something that must be accepted even though it cannot be explained, they will dwell in the wilderness of superstition and thus, of doubt and fear. "If the triune nature of God is spiritual rather than physical, then the trinity in man must be seen from a mental rather than from a material point of view.**** "If, in thinking of man as a trinity of spirit, mind, and body, we consider him principally from the standpoint of mind, or soul, we shall see that he occupies a position between two great extremes of mental activity, the lower of which is the body, and the higher, the spirit. Mind is the connecting link between the visible and invisible. Operating on the plane of the senses, the mind becomes the seat of all the animal appetites and passions. It is the serpent in man's Garden of Eden which beguiles him into partaking of the poisoned fruit. When Jesus said, `As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the son of man be lifted up,' he was not referring to the raising of his body on the cross but to the elevation of the soul or mind above sense delusions. Standing between spirit and body, though separated from neither, the soul or mind is capable of thinking even lower than the brute thinks; or it may enter into conscious union with pure spirit where there is an abundance of peace, purity, and God Power.
Page 49 I now see the mighty power that can be summoned to the aid of those who will cooperate in the Brotherhood of a consecrated life."

When a light worker calls upon an archangel for communication and guidance, this might be an example.  When a magician calls upon the magical personality through invocation on evocation as the case may be, this might be an example. Or a person calls upon the assistance of a priest. Or when a priest calls upon a  saint for intersession. Or when a person calls upon the assistance of a government worker. These are all examples of archetypes as they have meaning to me. On a personal level a person would call on their own higher self so to speak. We can communicate directly with that portion of ourselves which is our higher self. It listens and desires to help us. Our higher self can be targeted for more specific purposes representing certain levels and  energetic patterns of vibrations. It helps to do this by narrowing down the desired action and resulting frequency and vibration. Thus the need, use and purpose of so many portions of the Archetypical mind.  I have discovered the useful structure of 12 times 12 equaling 144 to represent the divisions and functions of this one higher self and it's archetypical mind. Each of the 144 steps orders or divisions can represent a certain vibratory frequency and pattern that one of our desired object, effect or action. It is postulated that every thought pattern would fall into one of these 144 categories waiting and ready for us to call upon it in our time of need. Thus we will have an access to every possible scenario that might present itself to us, and thusly provide a solution to our immediate problem, desire or need. Thus the study of these categories is useful for knowing which part of our higher self to call upon for addressing our particular situation, condition or need. But as a group, we would need a public or a group representation. Probably Hinduism offers the most.  It has been said that no one has a list of the 330 million goddesses and gods. Greek or Roman , Norse and Egyptian mythology have many.  Then there are what I see as the three most important humans religions Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. I got this concept when reading Whitley Stiebers-The Key.  In a dialog where he purportedly is told by Michael the archangel that"Christianity is the active side of the triad, Islam the passive, Buddhism the reconciling. Christianity seeks God, Islam surrenders to God, Buddhism finds God. When you see these as three separate systems, you miss the great teaching of which each contains but a part. Seek the kingdom as a Christian, give yourself to God as a Muslim, find your new companion in the dynamic silence of Buddhist meditation."
Below is an explaination offered by Alice Baily:
SHAMBALLA HIERARCHY HUMANITY THE GREAT TRIANGLETeachings of the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul / Alice Bailey put together by Annrose Künzi Page 135: The Tibetan has asked me to make clear that when he is speaking of the Christ he is referring to his official name as Head of the Hierarchy. The Christ works for all men, irrespective of their faith. He does not belong to the Christian world any more than to the Buddhist, the Mohammedan or any other faith. There is no need for any man to join the Christian Church in order to be affiliated with Christ. The requirements are to love your fellowmen, lead a disciplined life, recognize the Divinity in all faiths and all beings, and rule your daily life with Love. (Alice A. Bailey)
Another explanation is offered below:
The Phoenix Journal 18 Page 224: Judaism emphasizes the justice of God. Islam is righteousness in power. Christianity is love. Hinduism is spiritual essence. Buddhism, the peace that comes only from God.

Obviously I'm not going to be able to cover all of them, but what I offer is a road map based on my personal subjective research so to speak. This is tailored for my own personal use. In this way I am an archetype of sorts in hopes that others might benefit from my efforts by applying my model to fit their own unique situation.  This particular model is based on a 12x12 system. And 12 times 12 equals 144.  From what I understand, our particular construct was designed to have these 144 offices or energetic representations. I have heard them being referred to as over-souls. By this I suppose that it is meant a representative of a certain group of people.  And each of these 144 representations is to have 1000 in each step or office.  This will explain the 144 thousand. But this is further expanded to include female representations of these archetypes. So then each step can be further divided into 2 signifying male and female entities. Thus the 1000 is 1000 males and 1000 females and is therefore 2000. This means 144 times 2000 equaling 288,000.  And since there are around 7.5 billion people on the planet,  7,500,000,000 divided by 288,000=26041.666666667. So then each archetype might be said to represent around 26,041 people. Each of these 288,000 representatives are said to be living on this planet at all times representing the people.  My focus is on the 144 vibratory patterns. I postulate that at some point the humanity representatives will assume a place in one or more of these patterns or switch roles as needed or is appropriate. The higher offices can function in the lower ones if and when needed. Certain conditions may apply as there is a predetermined order we agreed to participate in as co-creators or sub-logos with-in this particular construct. Lower archetypes look to their higher orders as guides. Each office should have a quarm of 1000 members or fellow office holders. Each Office holder should include a male and female counterpart entity. So The male and female partners represent one office member within this 1000 quarm.  This quarm of 1000 can be further divided into the four quarters of the earth. The geographical division of the earth between a quarm of 4 known as John The Beloved, Timothy of the 3 Nephites, Nephi of 3 Nephites, and Mathoni also aka Lehi also of the 3 Nephites. I have expounded on this at the  Location of the New Jerusalem. So then each of the four quadrants will have 250 members for each of these 144 offices held by the representatives with in these. Following this analogy, location might determine the jurisdiction of those who are to officiate in these vibratory functions. One might also call them light worker functions following the thought patterns of certain new age thinkers.

Something else to consider is that this planet was only meant to occupy .5 billion people. Because of the shift many people from other parts of the universe have volunteered to come to this planet to help with the shift event. The number of of these visitor helpers might be calculated .5x14=7.  The number 14 might be explained by one person being represented in male and female form. Thus the 7 factor is 14 when viewed as male and female counterpart entities.

The 12 levels of progression  include the 12 sub levels comprising our 12x12 chart above.  We call upon our higher self for help in relation to these steps and the Archetypes in each step are there to help us because they are representations of our higher self in specificity of the nexus point in question relating to that level of progression we wish to address. In other words we can narrow down the problem or issue we wish to deal with by knowing and calling on the Archetypical step and being which deals with and has authority in that problem, issue or anything having to do with that particular subject or density or level of progression. Below is an explanation offered about this relationship:
The Phoenix Journal 12 Page 264:
Your world has gone through the same changes and is addicted to evil. Mankind must walk through the same twelve steps and into the newness of the dawn. You are in the addiction stages presently--the crucifying. Man shows no probability of changing in time to prevent the "fire into the ashes"---then, dear ones, the Phoenix shall rise again by taking the hand of God and coming again into aliveness in glory instead of debasement of evil contempt for thy beingness. God shall greatly bless your path if you but ask for He awaits thy call. He will respond with all the hosts of heaven to walk with thee. He will shelter you with His golden wings that you can be sustained as He teaches you again to fly; he will be the wind currents beneath your wings that you shall not fall but rather fly freely unto the very heavens for none who fly with their own wings in the winds of God can soar too high for thy way shall be infinite. So be it.

Anrita Melchizedek---Your Heart’s Temple
Make a connection now to Nature Intelligence and Nature Spirit Intelligence. Have a sense of the vastness of yourselves as you connect with all Life on this Earth Plane – the mountains, seas, forests, all the animals, the whales and the dolphins creating these etheric pods of Light. Have a sense now of connecting to all the lightworkers and star seeded ones, and Beings of Light from on High that are assisting in this ascension process through the 144 Crystalline Grid of Divine Love. Have a sense of taking on these geometries of Light from the Unity Grid of Light – of the planetary keycodes being downloaded, and of your personal keycodes, fire letters and sacred geometries within the swirlings and vortices and matrices creating the blueprint of this New Earth, of your Heaven on Earth. Wonderful.
Anrita Melchizedek -Elders Transmission ~ February 2015:
Over time, with the assistance of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and the new Patterns of Perfection installed through the Unity Grid, and the 144 000 components of Christ Consciousness, you were able to again come into the frequency of Christ Consciousness as these sacred Transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. You were able to connect to the Divine Flame of Eternal Light of Mother/Father God, and through the Highest Potential of your Soul levels and Monadic level, experience the Kingdom of Mother/Father God.

OWS: You each have this master overseer as we use that terminology. But do not become concerned about him or what it is. Certainly your Higher Self, certainly the Source within you is this master overseer. But there is also a master overseer, you might say, of the entire group. And as many of you are becoming aware, that is Sananda at this time. He has taken on the mantle of working mostly closely with this group. You would think it was us, the One Who Serves but now it is Sananda. We are just the messengers here for him.

Life and Teachings vol. 3  page 68
“There is no attempt at definite organization; neither are there any hard and fast rules adhered to. It is only organized as each individual is organized within and, through that organization, is drawn to one of the groups. The location of the assemblies has never been revealed to people in general, which proves that there has been no attempt at organization. “The assembly which will gather at twelve o’clock tomorrow will fully consolidate all the groups under the first group, the twelve building a pyramid symbolizing the completion of the Christ ideal in man, the thirteenth constituting the capstone or crown. “All the thirteen groups will assemble as separate groups in the same location as before; yet the assembling of one or all of the groups will be the same as though all were meeting with the head group, which will be accomplished tomorrow. “Aside from just assembling for consolidation of the thirteen groups into one group, twelve from each of the twelve groups will go out to assist in forming twelve more groups. Multiply this by twelve, which will be one hundred and forty-four groups. When these groups are augmented by other units of humanity, they will again branch out into groups of twelve. Thus a pyramid formed of groups in the order of twelve will be erected until it encompasses the earth. “The only requisite necessary to become one or a part of these groups is first to present the Christ ideal to yourself, then give forth Christ to the world in thought, word and deed. You are then one with this whole great group and where you meet God, they must meet with you, in your home, your own sanctuary, be it in the most remote part of the world, on the mountain peak, or in the busy marts of trade. One with God is the determining factor always. The instant you lift your thought to the Christ, your body responds to the Christ vibration; then you respond to the same vibratory influence that is emanating from this vast throng and the multiplied energy of its numbers picks up your Christ ideal and spreads it broadcast to the whole world; and your influence is carried on and on with the combined whole in a great tidal wave of thought. “Thus, instead of remaining in the former seclusion, these precepts will become world-wide. To such a group there need be no head, save the Great Godhead of the whole human race; no form, no sect, no creed is necessary.

Dolores Cannon  in her book The Convoluted Universe Book Two  Page 327
D: I know some of these things are very hard to understand. But is there like a whole series or layers of councils over each other that keep track of all of this?
B: Yes, that have an awareness of it. Kind of like a parent and a child. Obviously you don’t have complete awareness of everything, but you do the best that you can. You’re tuned into it and you work toward providing the help and the guidance that they need.