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Oddly enough

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Oddly enough, this statement could be partially correct: "The Palestinians are more Jewish than the Israeli Jewish impostors." See more about the Holy Land in the article Location of the New Jerusalem.
The Sephardic is the oldest group and it is they, if any, who are the Jews described in the Bible because they lived in the area described in the Bible. They are blood relatives to the Arabs--the only difference between them is religion.


Ceasar has no world. God has a world which means that YOU have a world--anything that "Caesar" or your puppet governments and rulers have--is STOLEN FROM YOU!

Modern tyrannies

Modern tyrannies rule in the name of the people." And see and hear this quote from H.L. Mencken: "No government is ever in favor of freedom of the individual. It invariably seeks to limit that freedom, if not by overt denial, then by seeking constantly to widen its own functions....All governments, of course, are against liberty....Elections are sort of advance auctions of stolen goods."

who might you be?

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Since the earth population is over 3\4 robitoid, the mother earth has only enough resources to clean 500 million non creator robitoid waste products and food nourishment. But since non-roitoid creator people can clean their own mess and create their own food and nourishment, the earth doesn't have to maintain these such because they support themselves. They become potty trained so to speak. They also become free from the earth bound planet prison restrictions and can colonize other planets if need be.


Where did this idea that the earth can't support the human population come from? If we humans are indeed god, then we created the earth and did, can and will create planets and other things as so suits are needs. Why then if we can create a planet, can we not sustain ourselves on the same? So I postulate that the earth was designed, by us I might add, to sustain 500,000,000 animals of human form or likeness. I'll just call these huminals. By this I mean humans who have not evolved out of their animal natures derived at the said fall. This means humans who either from choice, negligence or inability have not been able to overcome their animal nature and step into their divinity or have not yet discovered who they are. Because they are god or gods in embryo. I suppose that the earth may only be able to support a given number of such huminals. But those humans who are aware of their divinity and come to understand that they are god in every sense of the word, most certainly can and will and have maintain(d) themselves on any world including earth regardless of the population question. Humans i.e. gods can maintain themselves period. No planet comes into question. Gods create earth and worlds. Earth does not create man/god. Earth is not man/god's mother. God is earth's creator and mother, or father as the case may be. Earth was formed from man's rib, metaphorically. One of the 12 divisions of man's power was separated to form the earth, our partner. Earth is for all purposes a part of the collective us. It is all of us in part and in whole. Again, if we can create the earth, we can most assuredly create whatever resources and conditions we need for our own sustenance. Earth sustaining god/man...Indeed! Let me rephrase this: God i.e. man sustains the earth! God saves the earth. I know who I am, who might you be?

hear it or not

Whether you can hear it or not, The Universe is laughing behind your back.
WALLACE'S OBSERVATION: Everything is in a state of utter dishevelment.
The next is psychopolitical organizations outside Russia, their composition and activity. The next is the creation of slave philosophy in an hostile nation.
We need a return to traditional values. Slavery is our only hope.
It may not be necessary to make a Communist out of the wife, or the children, or one of the children, but it might prove efficacious to do so. In most instances, however, this is not possible. By the use of various drugs, it is, in this modern age, and well within the realm of psychopolitical reality, entirely too easy to bring about a state of severe neurosis or insanity in the wife or children, and thus pass them, with full consent of the important person, and the government in which he
exists, or the bureau in which he is operating, into the hands of a psychopolitical operator, who then in his own laboratory, without restraint or fear of investigation or censor, can, with electric shock, surgery, sexual attack, drugs, or other useful means, degrade or entirely alter the personality of a family member, and create in that person a psychopolitical slave subject who, when, on command or signal, will perform
outrageous actions, thus discrediting the important person, or will demand, on a more delicate level, that certain measures be taken by the important person, which measures are, of course, dictated by the psychopolitical operator. 23-48