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In this game of one-upsmanship which we euphemistically call "The Freedom Movement", sheep-people and dove-people are at a distinct disadvantage. The pace of the race toward who will control whom, is set by venomous vipers and predatory wolves, while sheep-people are consigned to playing catch-up; always, it seems, coming up a day late and a dollar short. The rules appear to be skewed in favor of the predators, and against the sheeple. Serpents are given license to use whatever means, open or covert, to attain their ends. But sheep-people (sheeple) handcuff themselves with shackles of honorableness and fair play. The result of observing the lopsided rules is that the serpents have become the head and the sheeple...the tail. Somehow (from the viewpoind of sheep-people) it doesn't seem fair. There is this about sheeple: They are notoriously myopic and selective in their vision. They see what they want to see, and are blind to the rest. Their auditory senses are not much better. They hear their Master's voice, and are lulled to torpor by dulcet sermons on love and charity. Then, warm and fuzzy in their somnolence, they fail to hear his urgent warnings, prodding them to "WAKE UP LITTLE SHEEP, THE WOLVES ARE COMING"! They snooze on, dreaming comfy dreams of green pastures and still waters; unaware of the predators prowling among the flock, poised to devour their young. Somehow sheep-people have gotten this screwy notion that their Master is supposed to pamper and protect them; that he will do FOR them, instead of merely helping them to do for themselves; that all they have to do is gaze upon Him with soft, adoring sheep- eyes, and everything will be hunky-dorry. But he screams at them (for all the good it does): "You've got to think for yourselves! You've got to be clever..... as clever as the vipers that torment you!" He's been screaming the same thing for over 2,000 years. Finally, one little sheep-person, awake with a touch of insomnia, heard the Master's Voice. Dutifully, he tried to learn the ways of serpents--how their malicious little minds worked-- so he could duplicate their cleverness as he was commanded to do. Whether of courage or folly he infiltrated the ranks of the serpents, covered in ill- fitting costume to conceal his true identity. He studied their lore, measured their culture, and joined in their games. 39-67

manipulated world

We live in a highly manipulated world. Ideas are manipulated through purposeful distortions in the press and selective omissions in our all-pervasive public education (indoctrination) system. Economic and political realities are falsified by self-serving establishment controllers and their minions in the bureaucracy. Our society is controlled by an "aristocracy", a small elite group of individuals who, through control of the government, have obtained special privileges in law and are thus able to live as parasites off the labor of others (mostly the hard-working American middle class) and amass large amounts of unearned wealth. This current aristocracy operates covertly and by deceit. The bankers are the main (but not the only) element in this covert aristocracy. Using many of the standard principles of aristocracy (authoritarianism, statism, and the use of an intellectual priesthood to deceive the public) they have created a social system where robbery and exploitation are systematized and legalized and where resistance to the robber has been made a crime. "It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error."--U.S. Supreme Court 37-69


Our so called modern wars have been about a few political elitists' struggle for lust, power, control, greed and world domination. Sadly, the heart and desires and mind of collective humanity are always represented by their leaders. If the heart of humanity was not inclined towards evil, there would be no elitists to represent them.

All versions of earth

All versions of earth exist at the same time. So that whatever changes you make in yourselves actually shifts you to a new earth that is reflective of that vibration. And you leave the old earth behind. So the old earth did not change. You simply took yourselves to another earth. And on that earth things are different and a little bit more reflective of the vibration you have changed to. And every time you change your vibration you will do the same thing again. Shift to another earth. Shift to another earth. Shift to another earth.

manifesting a reality

It isn't that you are manifesting a reality that doesn't exist, all realities already exist. Because creation is infinite. Creation is unlimited. Your true natural being is unlimited. Your consciousness already contains all possible expressions of your life in physical reality. Your preferred reality exists right now. Just like when you watch your television you know that even though you are watching channel 2, the program on channel 4 exists at the same time right now. So this exercise will allow you to get used to the idea of changing channels changing frequencies in a very conscious way. And the idea to understand about manifestation is that you are not bringing into physicalization something that doesn't already exist, you are simply making something that exists visible to you.