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IS AMERICA STILL THE LAND OF THE FREE? ARE YOU FREE? When over 50% of your hard-earned money is stolen by fraud, via taxes to support a government(s) gone mad? When one can't drive on "free"-ways or public streets without a driver's license or vehicle registration? When one must pay "ransom" to some insurance company before one can drive one's vehicle on public streets and high-ways? When one must send one's children to a government licensed school or the State will kidnap or confiscate your property and your kids, if one rebels? When one's church or religion must be licensed by the State or go underground? (Or be burned to the ground after mass murder.) When the nation's police are more of a threat to life, liberty, and property than the so- called "common" criminal? When one must ask the State for permission to marry? When one cannot practice free enterprise without being licensed and taxed by the State? When one will be jailed for exercising God-given rights without State permission? When one must buy freedom movement or underground publications to learn the truth because the establishment media puts out propaganda? When the State tells one where, when, and how to build on one's own property and even demand prior approval before modifications can be undertaken? When America has more political prisoners under lock and key than all other nations and is building concentration camps to house even more? When every financial transaction one makes is made available to government snoops, upon demand, but without one's personal knowledge or consent? When government and the people have no common interest whatsoever and must live together in a state of perpetual hostility? When everything you and your children will ever own is mortgaged to the world's bankers and collectible on demand? 71-92

tool of the adversary

The greatest tool of the adversary has been the religious/spiritual deceptive teachings. For by tampering with God?s Truth within your so-called Holy books, the adversary has caused mankind to develop a personal God in man's imperfect Human Image, which has stripped many millions of their personal power by not KNOWING communion with GOD who dwells within. And yet what truth remains in your Bible is totally misinterpreted by mankind. For example, when I speak of THE ONE as follows: John 14:6-21: "...Father who dwells with me and I in the Father." "The words I speak to you I speak not of myself but the Father that dwells in me. He doeth the works", and "These things I do YOU will do greater." I spoke of THE ONE and the Father who dwells within me, NOT only about ME. THE FATHER DWELLS WITHIN ALL...ALL...ALL. For we each exist by His Grace, His Mind, His Thought! When you each recognize and commune with Our Father who dwells within you, His Wisdom and Knowledge and Power are manifested through you, when your intent is to serve His Will only. And through the Christ WAY of KNOWLEDGE OF GOD WORKING WITHIN will you do the miracles I've done and greater. Can you begin to see how my words have been twisted and corrupted? 47-109

The adversary

The adversary will dissolve in its power when confronted by the Divine Holy Power of GOD WITHIN YOU! WHY? Because EVIL is an illusion developed and sustained by MAN. God's Love, Light and Knowledge is ALL that exists. YOU each are fragments of HIS divided thinking. THERE IS NO SEPARATION OF GOD AND WE OF HIS THOUGHT FRAGMENTS, EXCEPT THROUGH THE BELIEF OF SEPARATION EMBRACED BY LIMITED HUMAN SENSING PERCEPTION. 47*87

We are a temple

We are a temple and God lives within us:
Your species and planet Shan (Earth) is experiencing a spiritual REVOLUTION, which means, recognizing, challenging, changing and discarding the spiritual false and "archaic" ways, so that you can surmount your stagnant condition and method of adapting to limited ego-separate "belief? indoctrination. The reason for this "revolution" is that you are making room for your Spiritual RENAISSANCE, that is, your New Birth, Resurrection and Revival of God-Light Truth gained from personally accessing the Divine Knowledge and Wisdom of your Spirit WITHIN.(Phoenix Journal 47 Page 76)
Note: there is no God external to us. We are a holographic universe and we project our reality from within.

The problem with this term

The problem with this term, Democracy as THEY mean it, is that it is equality of the elite to maintain tight CONTROL over the masses for their own MEANS. And Equality of all YOU SLAVES to have NO rights except those THEY, the tyrants wish to grant you.What you actually want to be able to call your government as FREE and autonomous individuals is a REPUBLIC defined as, "A state in which the sovereignty resides in the people and the legislative and administrative powers are lodged in the officers elected by them." Your government NOW is a ridiculous joke in that YOU the PEOPLE elect NO ONE and the POWERS of operation are currently OUT OF YOUR CONTROL... unless, of course, ENOUGH of you are willing to demand adherence to YOUR Constitution and Bill of Rights and take BACK YOUR POWER of autonomous sovereignty as a REPUBLIC FOR and BY THE PEOPLE...A NATION UNDER GOD. 47-26