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the true nature of rights and the Constitution

Hayek pointed out the true nature of rights and the Constitution. He observed that our American ancestors subscribed to the most radical principles of individualism and liberty ever known to man. They truly believed the ideas set forth by John Locke and… more »

the game plan

How can YOU participate in a ?chess? game wherein only your enemy knows the rules and who the pawns ARE? You have the ultimate advantage in that you of God can pull forth CREATIVE POWER--if you come to know what you are about. At present the adversary… more »


KOL NIDRE "VOW OF ALL VOWS" The day of atonement and the FIRST RITUAL OF THE JEWISH TALMUDIST HOLY DAYS has come and with fervent prayer and attitude the Kol Nidre has been reaffirmed across your globe--with even more fervor than ever before. And what… more »


WE KNOW WHO "THEY", THE ENEMY, IS. The Committee of 300 with its Eastern Liberal Establishment "aristocracy", its banks, insurance companies, giant corporations, foundations, communications networks, presided over by a HIERARCHY OF CONSPIRATORS--THIS IS… more »

How can it be

How can it be that you can continue to feel yourself to be secure when for the non- payment of a tax as small as a dollar, your property can be confiscated and sold? How can it be that, should a party place illegal substance on your property or within… more »