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The Key

The Key

Folks, this is a song a wrote in 2010 based on a dreamy vision from around 1998
I thinks it's time for us to find the key:

Who are we /or who am I?

Consider that our bodies are made up of trillions of cells and cells are made up of trillions of atoms. Let us bring a single atom in our body up to scale with our solar system. Let us bring an electron orbiting an atom up to scale with our earth. Now let us put this electron and our earth side by side. Now let us consider how we people live on this earth. Now let us consider that people or intelligent entities resembling us people live on this electron.
Let us consider that our bodies are made up of atoms and electrons. The electrons are like our earth. The electrons are our body, the people living on the electrons are our soul or spirit. Consider that the earth is the body or a part thereof, and the intelligent people living on the earth collectively make up a part of a soul. In other words, the countless number of intelligent beings or entities living on miniature worlds like electrons collectively make up our spirit or soul. This is who we are and who I am.

Now go read the book "The Key"

The Key: A True Encounter by Whitley Strieber

The Way

The Way:
The purpose of money is to indebt some one for your goods or services. This is because you want something in return for your things. But it used to be that when you had enough for your self and family, you freely gave to those who had need. You want nothing in return, therefore, there is no need for money.
Folks, I spent my own time, money and creativity to write these songs. I want nothing in return for the simple pleasure of listening.
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