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Lyrics to “The Key”

This is a song I wrote March 2010

The Key

verse 1
Once there was a knight his name was Pharael
He fell in love with a lady with pretty light brown hair
One day he went to see her but she was nowhere to be found
so he searched high and low for her through out the castle grounds
Then he remembered the words she told him at the glenn
some day you’ll look for me but you won’t know where I am
So if you’ll want to see me again then you better find the key
verse 2
He met some children playing and he asked them where she’d been
but they smiled and sadly told him we’re not allowed to say
So he went into the dungeons where the entrance to a cave
was guarded by a dragon behind an old locked iron gate

This picture “The Offering” by Teresa Bennett.
Was given permission to use for this story on another page.